Hospital Garcia de Orta

The Garcia de Orta Hospital, EPE, is a legal entity of public law with administrative and financial autonomy and equity.

The HGO currently serves an estimated population of about 350 000 inhabitants of the municipalities of Almada and Seixal, and in some instances its influence spreads far beyond these two counties, stretching to the Setubal peninsula, namely in the specialty of Neonatology and Neurosurgery.

The HGO is an Accredited Hospital at Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems (CHKS), since 2011, one of the most prestigious international organizations in the field of Quality in Health.


From the perspective of IT, the most obvious advantages are the drastic reduction in the number of interventions (1st line) in PCs, also accompanied by a drastic reduction of local management needs of jobs.

From the perspective of the business, the availability, reliability and stability of operation, ensuring that users have the necessary means performance their daily duties.

In a hospital setting, these turn out to be determining values for the acceptance of any new technology.

What kind of problems exist in your organization before starting the project?

Essentially motivated by the length of the PC's lifetime, some of them work intensively (24x7x365), which would cause some difficulties for the management and maintenance of a diverse computer park consisting of a large number of equipment.

Prior to the implementation of this almost entire replacement of conventional workstations with Thin Client's with VDI technology, it was "normal" to be asked to intervene 3 and 4 times per month with the same equipment, ensuring that the equipment works in minimally acceptable conditions for a few days.

Why opt for VDI?

Above all, from the first pilot project we implemented, we get great gains not only in terms of capacity to manage jobs, but also for a drastic reduction in the number of interventions that were raised by users.

Why Citrix XenDesktop 7,1?

We tried, without much success, other approaches with other VDI products, and considered that this is the best guarantee for the goals we set, with regard to the support platform and workstations, namely: ease of implementation and management, operating stability and 100% availability.

Highlight of Ozona Consulting above all, the willingness to support us in finding the best solution and the expertise demonstrated. Highlight the revealed adaptability, given the specific needs of a hospital, mainly with regard to the characteristics of the jobs we deliver to our users.

The project was born with the implementation of 40 VDIs the Cardiology Department, nowadays technology is used by more than 1 000 of our users, covering in terms of number of equipment, about half of all information systems in use.

O společnosti Citrix

Společnost Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS) má vedoucí postavení v oblasti mobilních pracovních prostředí. Poskytuje správu mobilních prostředí, virtualizační, síťové a cloudové služby, čímž zpřístupňuje nové způsoby, jak lépe pracovat. Řešení Citrix zvyšují mobilitu podniků prostřednictvím bezpečných osobních pracovních prostředí, která lidem nabízí okamžitý přístup k aplikacím, desktopům, datům a komunikaci z jakéhokoli zařízení a prostřednictvím jakékoli sítě a cloudu. Letos slaví společnost Citrix 25 let inovací, zjednodušování postupů IT a zvyšování produktivity pracovníků. Řešení Citrix používá více než 330 000 organizací a více než 100 milionů uživatelů po celém světě a roční příjmy tak v roce 2013 dosáhly 2,9 miliard USD. Další informace naleznete na webu

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