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Mobility has changed the way people work—and it’s also changing the way enterprises handle on-premises and cloud data storage. Enterprise mobility hinges on accessibility. People need the ability to access their files from any device, at any given moment. IT admins require customizable on premises, cloud, or hybrid storage options— for flexibility that meets the needs of the business.

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Citrix Content Collaboration offers customizable solutions for every enterprise—companies can host data in the cloud, store it on an existing network, or use a hybrid model. Citrix Content Collaboration also allows for access to existing network shares without having to migrate data. Files in SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, ECM Systems, and other document libraries are available easily and immediately. Through storage zone connectors, companies can connect to their files no matter where those files are stored.

For enterprises that need greater flexibility and quick setup, Citrix has a cloud storage solution. With Citrix Content Collaboration, the workforce can conveniently share, sync, and store data through secure in-cloud storage. It’s a cost-effective solution that grows according to need.

To further ensure information safety, data is placed in a choice of worldwide locations managed by Citrix. Because data is hosted across many servers, files are accessible whenever required, even during unforeseen disruptions or disasters.

Companies may want to host their own data for various reasons. To do this, an enterprise creates what’s called a storage zone in its data center. A storage zone is a Citrix Content Collaboration feature providing remote access to users. It also has the ability to connect to other applications through storage zone connectors. On-premises storage is ideal for strict data compliance, as it limits user access and keeps data secure through file encryption.

Global organizations need globally-scaled flexibility. A hybrid cloud storage option provides the safest storage solution. When data is placed in a company’s own data center, files meet compliance requirements and high levels of security. This also gives the user freedom to choose which files to share through a Citrix cloud service.

The hybrid cloud storage model fits best for international companies that want to use the cloud to save on storage and maintenance costs, while also having on-premises data centers to uphold regional compliance policies. It’s cost-effective and the most customizable solution for your business.

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Citrix Content Collaboration

  • An enterprise-ready solution that provides additional security over other personal file sharing services—with the flexibility necessary to meet mobile business needs.
  • Access existing network shares without having to migrate data, making third party document libraries like SharePoint available easily and immediately.


Storage zones connectors

Securely access and share files from third-party services.


Powering real-time mobile access to critical business information

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