Mobilize existing network shares and other data repositories

Provide users with a single point of access without transferring data

Traditional networks aren’t equipped to mobilize data. In order to effectively maintain security, files remain unavailable beyond the corporate network—and users cannot share files remotely. In order to be a truly mobile workforce, businesses need a file sync and sharing solution that provides users with access to their network shares, such as file drives, SharePoint, or OneDrive for Business, from anywhere, without the need to transfer data.

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To help connect mobile users to existing storage, Citrix developed storage zone connectors as part of Citrix Content Collaboration. Storage zone connectors allow mobile users to access their network shares, file drives, SharePoint, or OneDrive for Business without the need to transfer data to Citrix Content Collaboration. Once storage zone connectors are adopted, users get a single point of access for data.

When storage zone connectors are set up in the existing enterprise network, the network recognizes storage zones as a place to store files. Using this new storage zone folder as a point of entry, users can access network files or even use the Citrix Content Collaboration server as a proxy to connect to data in SharePoint or other drives.

When mobilizing network data, a customized solution is required. Storage zone connectors allow you to avoid data migration, so IT no longer has to migrate large volumes of enterprise data to the cloud. Connectors provide a direct and secure connection to network files, or other third-party storage services. IT is also able to retain existing security policies and extend user access to existing files.

Users can access corporate data from anywhere—even from SharePoint libraries for offline use. Users can also connect to their data on any device through Citrix Virtual Apps, Citrix Virtual Desktops, and other products in the Citrix family of business solutions.

Personal cloud connectors enable users to access their existing network shares such as, Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive, or OneDrive personal accounts from Citrix Content Collaboration. Personal cloud connectors provide enterprises with the flexibility to determine how and where users store files. For businesses looking to manage their corporate data in one place, IT can choose to enable personal cloud connectors for a defined period of time and require users to migrate all corporate data from personal file sharing services to Citrix Content Collaboration. If IT chooses to keep personal file sharing services available, users can continue to take advantage of the productivity benefits that Citrix Content Collaboration offers, including editing and annotating, for personal files such as tax forms or contracts.

Citrix products

Citrix Content Collaboration

  • Grant users permissions for certain SharePoint sites or network file paths.
  • Enable users to have lower-level control to internal resources, freeing up IT departments.
  • Rich editing for Microsoft Office and PDF annotations are possible through Office 365 Connectors.


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