Data security

Provide secure data and file access with centralization, containerization, and encryption across devices and networks

Thousands of recent known data breaches have resulted in millions of compromised legal documents, contracts, personnel records, designs and trade secrets, and customer and patient records, many with personally identifiable information or personal data, including credit card and Social Security or government identification numbers, addresses, and health records.

Hacking and malware aren’t to blame for all breaches. Unintended disclosure, payment card fraud, and loss of devices or documents also create security risks. Consumer-grade cloud file sharing is especially problematic because IT loses visibility and control over how and where employees are storing sensitive business information.

Protect your information in a centralized data center

Trusting endpoint devices—which can be lost, stolen, or destroyed—to store data can compromise your enterprise security. With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, IT can centrally store and manage apps and data in a central data center or the cloud, keeping them shielded from leaks and theft.

IT can even take data security one step further by using policies to restrict saving, copying, printing, or moving files.

Secure apps and data in a mobile world

As more employees use both their own and corporate mobile devices for work, it’s essential for IT to separate business apps and their associated data from personal apps.

With Citrix Endpoint Management, IT can leverage containerization, or app-level segmentation, and data encryption to prevent insecure mobile data storage. By placing apps in isolated containers, other apps can’t access any associated data. IT can block users from using an unmanaged native app to open data created in a managed app. For example, a user would only be able to open an email attachment in an app approved by the company.

Citrix Endpoint Management also encrypts both files in the containers as well as embedded SQL technology on the devices. Data held in local database files is encrypted using AES-256.

Secure file sharing protects your data

Consumer cloud-based file-sharing services lack the controls IT needs to protect against data leakage. Our enterprise-grade file-sharing solution Citrix Content Collaboration offers information rights management (IRM), integrates with data loss prevention (DLP) providers, and has security built into every level:

  • Authentication: Citrix Content Collaboration supports several types of multifactor authentication and single sign-on mechanisms.
  • Authorization: Grant, monitor, and revoke access to files, and set expiration dates, even after sharing a file. You also can set a date to delete a folder and its contents. Both users and IT have the ability to remotely wipe data stored on mobile devices.
  • Auditing: To provide visibility into data usage, Citrix Content Collaboration tracks and logs all user activity. It also supports HIPAA, HITECH, and CFPB regulations.
  • Encryption: Using a unique key, Citrix Content Collaboration encrypts each file before it is copied to its permanent location, and then decrypts it before a user downloads it to a browser. The keys and files are stored on separate servers, and the customer-managed generation and control of the encryption keys is within Amazon KMS.

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