Contextual and secure access

Provide employees and third parties with secure, contextual access to business apps and data regardless of device and location

While globalization and emerging technology have brought about new business opportunities, they’ve also brought increased security risk. Companies have expanded beyond headquarter locations, well-integrated branch offices and overseas operations. Now, people are working remotely on multiple devices from home offices, customer and project sites, and while travelling. Access to business information has spread out.

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Remote access

Employees no longer do all their work within a corporate facility—they are mobile, remote, even working at home-and organizations should have the flexibility to place personnel wherever they’re needed, and not be bound by rigid IT infrastructures.

Information and IT resources should flow easily to people, rather than being locked in place due to concerns about security and manageability. A renewed focus on controlling the location of apps and data, complemented with contextual access policies, let IT maintain the right balance of access and risk wherever people work, over any network.

Deliver secure, contextual user access on any device anywhere, without sacrificing IT control

Third parties

Third parties like partners, vendors, contractors, interns, and consultants contribute to the productivity of your organization. But to be effective, they need convenient and secure access to your apps and data.

It’s difficult to make sure these groups adhere to the same security precautions as your employees. A good place to start securing third party users is through contextualized access and by monitoring who gets access to what data. When IT and security teams have visibility and control, they can ensure attackers don’t exploit more susceptible third-party credentials and gaps.  

Security begins with access – But it doesn’t need to end there

Mergers & acquisitions

The need for a comprehensive security solution quickly becomes apparent in a merger or acquisition. Assimilating people, culture, and IT systems of two disparate companies takes time, and people need access even before systems can be completely integrated.

IT needs to be able to grant secure access based on roles, identification, and authentication so that information is only available to those who need it. Organizations need to be able to prevent valuable data from being inappropriately shared or released whether accidentally or intentionally.

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