Citrix Networking solutions help ensure high availability of your network, applications, and data.

Ensure business continuity and IT disaster recovery

Maintain high network and resource availability despite business disruptions

Protecting your data center from disaster is key. Citrix Networking solutions ensure service, application, and resource availability; a seamless user experience; undisrupted remote and branch access; and data replication.

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Improve app performance for mobile, remote, and branch users

Optimize application delivery and availability

Distance from the data center usually means a drop in quality, security, or connectivity. Citrix ADC and Citrix SD-WAN are specifically designed to optimize app delivery and WAN capacity for a flawless virtual desktop experience.

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Improve Skype for Business performance and quality

Keep business communications apps connected and maintain productivity

VoIP tools like Skype for Business are key to today’s business environment, but can fail without warning. Citrix Networking solutions deliver a lossless, always-available experience.

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Build a more profitable mobile operator network

Add on-demand capacity to ensure reliable service

With 5G on the way, mobile operators must start adding capacity and upgrading services now. Citrix ADC is the cost-effective delivery platform that can deploy scalable, virtualized networks to ensure availability and meet these business challenges.

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