IT Pro Portal: Zmaří komplexnost 1 bilion USD vynaložený na kybernetickou bezpečnost?

Citrix CMO Tim Minahan shares insights about the impact of business complexity on security.

Leading IT publication, IT Pro Portal, published a contributed piece by Citrix CMO, Tim Minahan, sharing insights about the impact business complexity has on security. Minahan notes that while outdated security measures are struggling against rising cyber threats, the right security strategies and investments can easily rectify this. The piece highlights key statistics from our global Citrix Ponemon security study as well as top trends including the need for a new security infrastructure to combat rising cyber threats, making smarter investments in security technologies and adopting a new security mindset to protect data and apps in all stages. 

To read the full article, please visit IT Pro Portal.

A blog from Tim outlining the Citrix Ponemon study, "The Need for a New IT Security Architecture: Global Study" can be found here, or visit our landing page to download the full report.