TechTarget IoT Agenda: Dig deeper than devices: IoT solving challenges in the enterprise

Citrix Principal Technology Strategist Chris Witeck Shares Insights on IoT in the Enterprise

TechTarget’s newly-created IoT Agenda website posted a bylined article by Chris Witeck, principal technology strategist at Citrix, outlining the value of IoT for the enterprise. Chris says, "When we started talking IoT initiatives nearly two years ago, we found most people were not excited to talk about IoT as it related to a new sensor, device or gadget. Instead, they were intrigued when you talked about the potential for IoT to help solve complex business problems. As organizations become increasingly digital in all aspects of their business, new challenges in managing the connections, devices and applications that make up their digital business arise." He also touches on the potential for IoT to manage the interactions within this complex fabric of new sensors, gadgets, mobile devices, apps and old legacy applications and physical infrastructure. 

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