Citrix Endpoint Management and Windows

Citrix Endpoint Management Windows 10 Instant Compatibility

With Citrix Endpoint Management’s Windows 10 instant compatibility, XenMobile 9 customers can take advantage of Citrix Endpoint Management’s mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to enroll, secure and manage Windows 10 devices including Windows 10 desktop, laptops, and tablets.

Watch for these upcoming Citrix Endpoint Management releases:

  • Windows 10 compatibility for XenMobile 10 customers
  • Windows Phone 10 compatibility

Citrix Endpoint Management Apps and Windows Phone 8.1

Full-featured MDM for Windows Phone 8.1

MDM, one of the buildings blocks of enterprise mobility management (EMM), provides essential policies for the security and control of the mobile device. Citrix Endpoint Management delivers complete MDM capabilities to support Windows Phone deployments.

  • Hardware inventory and OS version control
  • Push notifications to mobile device home screens
  • Web based app store for quick access to apps
  • WiFi and VPN configuration for access to corporate resources
  • Custom XML templates
  • S/MIME email support
  • Exchange ActiveSync configuration
  • POP/IMAP configuration
  • Password enforcement
  • GPS capabilities including Lock/Wipe/Selective Wipe
  • Certificate deployment/push
  • Token delivery
  • Device encryption
  • Disable storage card

Citrix Endpoint Management Apps promote user productivity and streamline mobile workflows for Windows Phone 8.1

In addition to mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, Citrix Endpoint Management enables user productivity through Citrix Endpoint Management apps.

Secure Mail for Windows Phone 8.1

  • Containerized and secure integrated email, calendar and contacts  
  • Single sign-on integration with other Citrix apps
  • Export Secure Mail contacts to phone for caller ID
  • Secure Mail and company directory search
  • Ability to view calendar event response status
  • App level encryption
  • ActiveSync policy support

WorxWeb for Windows Phone 8.1

  • Secure mobile browser with consumer like features
  • Access internal resources with a dedicated Micro VPN tunnel
  • Admin control including setting homepage and preloaded bookmarks
  • Whitelist/blacklist content
  • Private browsing
  • Homepage and bookmarking

Support for Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Mobile/CE

Citrix Endpoint Management support for Windows goes beyond Windows Phone to support Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Mobile/CE. As the line between tablets and laptops becomes blurred, the ability to secure and control these different device types becomes increasingly important. Citrix Endpoint Management offers a full-featured suite of MDM capabilities for Windows OS.

  • Support Windows 8.1 (x86): RT, Standard, Pro, Enterprise, Windows 10 (x86): Professional, Enterprise, Education
  • Leverage Windows embedded device management agent for enrollment
  • Key supported features:
    • Push notifications
    • Hardware inventory and version control
    • Push notifications to home screen
    • Device lock
    • Password enforcement
    • Date roaming control/restrictions
    • WiFi configuration
    • Certificate deployment/push

  • Support Windows Mobile 5.x or 6.x, Pocket PC 2003, Windows CE 4.x, 5.x or 6.x
  • Support all OMA-CP configuration profiles:
    • WiFi, APN, proxy configuration
    • Hardware restrictions - Bluetooth and Infrared
    • Application control and certificate management
    • Any registry key configuration/deletion
    • Exchange ActiveSync and Office Communicator configuration
  • App delivery
  • Scripting for offline actions
  • Per-app tunneling
  • Remote helpdesk support and control of devices