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As a complete WAN edge solution, Citrix SD-WAN consistently delivers a better branch office user experience for all applications including SaaS, enterprise apps and virtual desktops delivered via the Citrix Workspace. At the same time, it helps lower network costs, to simplify branch office networking, and provide visibility into network performance.

Among SD-WAN providers, Citrix SD-WAN offers one of the most comprehensive solutions.

Only Citrix SD-WAN

  • Detection of over 4,000 applications and sub-applications for use in firewall and policy-based routing to accelerate the move to hybrid cloud.
  • Bi-directional link monitoring ensures faster failover from one link to another and failover in milliseconds if there are any changes in network state.
  • Enforcement of Office 365 policies directly from Azure Virtual WAN (Azure Resource Manager).
  • Edge mode or overlay deployment within the same network.
  • QoS policies for prioritization of Virtual Apps and Desktops traffic types over a single port or multiple ports.

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Citrix SD-WAN vs. other vendors

The SD-WAN landscape is evolving rapidly. The market includes many companies with diverse functionality, making it difficult to differentiate between solutions. The side-by-side vendor comparison shows key criteria across leading SD-WAN providers, highlighting how Citrix SD-WAN outperforms other solutions.

VMware VeloCloud Cisco Viptela
Silver Peak Riverbed Citrix
Citrix SD-WAN advantage
Path selection
Packet-based path selection in real-time allows for rapid adoption to network changes and provides a better user experience.
Failover effectiveness      
No application interruption
Citrix SD-WAN monitors every packet to detect failure quickly and eliminate any impact to an application session.
Path measurement & recovery speed Milliseconds      
Citrix SD-WAN responds to latency, jitter, packet loss and congestion changes in milliseconds.
Packet duplication     Citrix SD-WAN ensures lossless delivery of VoIP and other mission critical applications. FEC benefits are less guaranteed and can't be applied to just specific applications.
Unidirectional path selection       Applications are not symmetric, so symmetric measurement and selection are inefficient. Citrix SD-WAN supports asymmetric routing, delivering optimal efficiency.
VMware VeloCloud Cisco Viptela
Silver Peak Riverbed Citrix
Citrix SD-WAN advantage
Link bonding
A single application can use multiple WAN links
Link bonding ensures use of all available bandwidth, speeds up application performance, and avoids the path flapping that occurs with dynamic mapping.
Data compression and reduction
  In addition to providing data compression and de-duplication for faster app performance, Citrix SD-WAN is the only vendor that provides visibility into application delivery.
HDX acceleration
Citrix SD-WAN is the only product that fully understands Citrix’s ICA protocol and HDX technology stack. This proprietary technology is not licensed to other SD-WAN vendors, and ensures a superior experience for users of Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops.
VMware VeloCloud Cisco Viptela
Silver Peak Riverbed Citrix
Citrix SD-WAN advantage
Data encryption
Citrix SD-WAN supports 256 bit AES and IPSec encryption, even over MPLS links.
Secure cloud connection Citrix SD-WAN integrates IPSec connection to the cloud, with no need to configure VPNs.
Secure Internet breakout at the branch   Citrix SD-WAN interoperates with SaaS-based SWG platforms such as Zscaler, and Palo Alto for efficient branch internet connectivity.
Isolate or block application traffic Supported with Zones and DPI Supported with Zones and DPI Citrix SD-WAN supports this with Zones and DPI.
Stateful firewall
Via service chaining


Built-in stateful firewall
Citrix SD-WAN has an integrated application aware firewall, making it simple to deploy centralized firewall policies.
VMware VeloCloud Cisco Viptela
Silver Peak Riverbed Citrix
Citrix SD-WAN advantage
Centralized configuration Centralized policy definition and integrated WAN Optimization configuration makes building a software-defined WAN with Citrix SD-WAN intuitive and simple.
Application visibility Citrix SD-WAN provides additional HDX visibility into application performance to proactively manage the user experience.
Dynamic routing       Citrix SD-WAN dynamically learns about network changes and can be deployed as a branch WAN router.

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