Simplify access to secure electronic health records (EHRs)

Centrally manage and secure EHR applications in the data center. Streamline implementation, enable easier app updates and improve compliance while giving clinicians instant access on any device.

Centralize EHR implementation and app delivery

Make access to electronic health records easier with a centralized EHR implementation. Deliver either full desktops or just the apps to any device—including workstations on wheels, low-cost thin clients, PCs, Macs, and tablets. Citrix enables a real-time experience for clinicians that is as good as or better than what they would get from a locally installed application.

Deliver uniform access to SaaS EHRs

Web-based clinical applications are becoming increasingly common—but different web browsers can cause compatibility issues, introduce risk when updates are not made, or provide an inconsistent user experience. By using Citrix XenApp to deliver a web app with single browser version and configuration, IT solves compatibility issues while streamlining EHR implementation, enhancing security, and improving the user experience.

With our current environment, we can deliver our EMR system, dictation software, imaging viewers and more to thousands of clinicians and staff wherever they are. We can remotely wipe mobile devices if they’re lost or stolen. And best of all, the whole thing is entirely seamless to our end users. Most of them don’t know how it happens—they just know that it works.
Linda Shanley
Vice President and CIO
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Provide access to all applications through a unified portal

Staff can access the important applications they need through an on-demand app store with one common interface.  Citrix Receiver, which is included with XenApp and XenDesktop, maintains a consistent access point across all devices, greatly simplifying the user experience. NetScaler Unified Gateway also enables single sign-on, reducing the number of clicks required for clinicians to get to the information they need and ensure EHR security.

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